Hoveround vs. Scooter Store

These days, we’re seeing more and more people exploring the world of electric wheelchairs from manufacturers like Hoveround and The Scooter Store, and with good reason. Electric scooters can drastically reduce the number of injuries elderly and disabled people sustain because of the superior degree of mobility they offer. In many cases, electric scooters are covered by Medicare.

If you suffer from decreased mobility and think you may be able to benefit from a power wheelchair, then it may really pay off to speak to your doctor or your insurance company about the potential benefits sooner rather than later. Medicare will typically pay for up to 80% of the costs of your new power wheelchair. If you have supplemental insurance, the entire cost could be covered.

However, deciding which of the two biggest power wheelchair suppliers to choose can present something of a challenge until you know the details. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of each.


Hoveround has been in business for over 20 years helping people with limited mobility get around, so they definitely know their stuff when it comes to mobility. They provide a variety of different power chairs, electric scooters, and accessories in order to help each person find the option that will best fit their needs and their living space.. Hoveround has a proprietary design called Round for a Reason, which they say makes it easier to get around in than the competition. Most people cite this design as Hoveround’s major advantage. The product is guaranteed and delivered for free as well!

Scooter Store

Scooter Store customers also cite the breadth of the product line and the superior degree of coverage provided by Medicare as selling points attached to the brand. Portable versions are even available to help people get around when they’re on the go. The Scooter Store is also well known for the high degree of customer service offered to potential owners. Often, reps will happily travel to your home and even offer to fill out all the paperwork for you for your convenience.

Which Is the Right Pick for You?

Ultimately, Hoveround and Scooter Store both offer high quality products, so the best option is to speak with a representative of each company and choose the product that best fits your needs.

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